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Registariton is available.

  To register and make payment, you need to create an account and sign-up from the icon in the upper right corner, first.
  After singing up, please open "My Account" page and fill in your name and other required information.
  You can choose your pricing plan also from your "My Subscriptions" page. 
  After our payment system is ready, "Buy Now" button on each plan will be activated and you will be able to save your Credit Card info to complete your registration.
ited and arrangements may not be possible.

About Accommodation Arrangements:

  We can assist you in booking a single room at the Tokyu Hotel, the venue of the conference as follows.

                       room type: single room (23 sq. meters)
     stay charge per night: 15,000JPY (including breakfast)

  If you need a room, please send an e-mail to the following address. We will contact you as soon as possible.

 *Please note that the number of rooms available is limited and arrangements may not be possible.

Registration Fee


Pay your conference registration fee below. The ICTS organizing committee  are providing registration payment  service for the ICTS2023. You can pay the participation fee through this website. Payment can be made by credit card. Tickets will be sent later.