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Call for participation

Submission is closed. Thank you for your many submissions!   as of January 15,2023

The submission processes will be managed by easychair. 


Easychair CFP


Submission form (All presenters)

Abstract Template(All presenters)

Abstract file Template (word)

Extended Abstract Template(All presenters)

Extended Abstract File Template (word)

Registration form(All participates)

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Author Guide

Call for papers

  Authors are invited to send abstracts of their papers (in English, 250–300 words) by 20 December 2022 via the Easychair, using on-line submission system. Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their abstract via e-mail by 30 december 2022.
  Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their abstract via e-mail. They will then be invited to send Extended Abstract using the Template for Papers by 30 January 2023. Papers should be up to 6 pages long (including pictures, diagrams, and tables) and must be submitted using Easychair, the on-line submission system. The ICTS 2023 Paper Committee will double blind review all submitted papers. Official languages of ICTS 2023 Conference is English.

List of Topics

Life Science and Tourism / Infection control / Vaccination and tourism / Welfare systems / Rescue systems / DX and Tourism / Integration platform / Entertainment systems / Virtual reality / Intelligent transportation systems / MaaS for tourism / Information provision for foreign tourists / Foot traffic data for tourism / Measurement technology / Humanities and Tourism / Sustainable tourism / Authenticity / Community design/ Resilience / Environmental ecological systems / Street design / Utilization of public lands

Author Guidelines

1. Abstract submission instructions
  Prior to submitting an abstract, you should sign in Easychair CFP. If you are a new user, please register with Easychair first. 
After a successful login, you should proceed with the abstract submission by clicking here or the "Submit Abstract" button on the right. Make sure your abstract is up to 250-300 words long and in English language. The submission should not be previously published or in consideration for another conference or journal. If so, an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Director.

2. Extended Abstract guidelines & submission instructions
  After you have received an e-mail from the Conference Chairman titled [ICTS 2023] Decision on Abstract Acceptance, with a positive review of your abstract, you are free to continue with the Extended Abstract submission.

2.1 General guidelines for Extended Abstract composition
  Please download the template for papers in DOCX format [
Extended Abstract File Template (word)]. Template file contains detailed instructions on formatting and composing a paper. Below are some general rules that should be followed:

  •   The manuscript should not exceed the maximum of 6 pages. There is only one exception to the above rule: keynote papers may be up to 8 pages long.

  •   ICTS 2023 Organizing Committee has the right to reject papers considered inappropriate for the proceedings, even if the abstract originally appeared to be acceptable.

  •   The use of SI units is strongly recommended, and mixed units are to be avoided.

  •   Papers must be produced electronically and be PC compatible. Also, papers must be prepared using the templates and submitted in their original file format as PDF files.

  •   It is important that the grammar and spelling of your paper is correct. If 

  •   If English is not your first language, please have a native English speaker check your paper for you. When finished, double-check the whole paper thoroughly and ensure that all figures, captions, tables, equations etc. are legible, as these often present problems.

Presenter Guide

Presenter Guidelines

Oral presenter (On-Site)

 Each presentation is 15 minutes long. It is recommended to use 10 minutes to present and 5 minutes for discussion/questions.

 The equipment available will be a PC (Windows OS, Mac), projectors and microphones. The PC will have sound to facilitate the use of clips or videos.

 The recommended file type to be used for presentations is PowerPoint or Portable Document Format (PDF).

 The presentation files should be brought on a USB, memory stick or a similar memory device.

 Speakers are requested to upload their presentation onto the session PC and report to the session chair 30 minutes before the start of the session.

 All presenters will be introduced to the audience by the session Chair.

Oral presenter (On-Line)

The recommended time for virtual presentations is 15 minutes. It is recommended to use 10 minutes to present and 5 minutes for discussion/questions. Pre-recording is allowed.

It is not necessary to submit your presentation file to the committee in advance. 

 Registered virtual authors will have online access to the ICTS2023 Proceedings. Additionally, they will receive participation and author certificate and an invoice of the registration fee (pdf).

Poster presenter

 Posters should be printed and brought by each author to the conference. The poster can be A0 size (1189 mm high x 841 mm wide / 33.1inch x 46.8inch). Your poster should be readable from 2 meters.

 We will provide materials for attaching posters. Nevertheless, you can bring your own if you prefer. Authors are requested to be next to their posters during the assigned session to answer any questions from the public.

 Posters will be exhibited during the conference in a poster session (afternoon, 20th). The average duration of poster sessions will be 1.5 hours.


The ICTS2023 scientific committee will award young scientists who made excellent poster/oral presentations during the conference.

Special Issue (Dec 5, 2022)

Those with outstanding presentations or manuscripts may be encouraged to submit to journals with an impact factor.Spe

ICTS2023 Scientific Committee



Dr. Makoto Fujiu, Kanazawa University, Japan


Dr. Atsuro Tsutsumi, Kanazawa University, Japan

Dr. Atsushi Kawasumi, Kanazawa University, Japan

Dr. Hisashi Okuda, Kanazawa University, Japan

Dr. Kota Maruya, Kanazawa University, Japan

Dr. Naoko Yamada, Kanazawa University, Japan

Dr. Makiko Matsuda, Kanazawa University, Japan

Dr. Shoichiro Nakayama, Kanazawa University, Japan

Dr. Pablo Juan Cárdenas García, University of Jaén, Spain

Dr. Hideo Shiraishi, Kanazawa University, Japan

Dr. Kaisei Harada, Kanazawa University, Japan

Dr. Yuma Morisaki, Kanazawa University, Japan

M.A. Masako Tsutsui, JAIST, Japan

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