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as of July 25. 

Participation FAQ

Participation FAQ

Q. Is the conference open to non-academic individuals?

A. Yes, we welcome all attendees ; researchers, students, or non-academic individuals.

Q. Can I attend the conference without presenting?

A. Yes, you can attend the conference as audience (non-presenter).

Q. What if I miss a submission deadline?

A. If you missed a deadline, please email [].

Q. I need an invitation. What can I do?

A. We can issue an invitation letter under Organizing Committee's name. You should first complete your registration and then you will be able to request your invitation letter at [].

Q. Would it be possible to hold this presentation in hybrid mode? (presenter: on-site, co-author: on-line)

A. Yes, you can participate with your co-presenter in a hybrid mode.


Q. What is included in the registration fee?

A. As follows;

[1] Admission to all oral sessions

[2] Admission to poster sessions.

[3] Wi-Fi connection at the venue.

[4] A printed Conference Program.

[5] Online access to ICTS2024 Program and Proceedings.

[6] Conference goods.

[7] Snacks/Coffee breaks (daily: morning and afternoon, for two days)

[8] Conference buffet lunches (for two days)

[9] Attendance and/or Author certificates.

[10] An invoice of the registration fee will be provided along with the conference material.

Q. Are meals included in the registration fee?

A. All registered attendees are invited to join 4 coffee snacks (morning and afternoon on Monday and Tuesday) and 2 buffet lunches (Monday and Tuesday).

Q. What happens if I need to cancel my participation?

A. As a general rule, no refunds will be made.

Presentation FAQ

Q. What should oral presenters take into account?

A. See Call for Participation 

Q. What should poster presenters take into account?

A. See Call for Participation

Q. What should virtual presenters take into account?

A. See Call for Participation

Q. Can I republish my presentation in a journal or at another conference?

A. Regarding the contents of your paper, you can use the published content that you generated and write similar versions of it to publish it elsewhere, but you cannot present exactly the same article in other conferences or journals. This does not hinder you using the published content and re-writing another paper with a similar version for other publication purposes.

Other FAQ

Q. Is there Internet access available?

A. Free Wi-Fi Internet access is available in all venues for guests using laptop PCs, tablet devices, and smartphones. SSID and password will be informed at the venue.

Q. What if the conference is cancelled?

A. We will provide a full refund of the registration fee if ICTS 2024 is cancelled by organizing committee. However, they will not be refunded in the event of unexpected emigration & immigration policy change of both your country and Japan.

Q. Is there any dress code?

A. The suggested dress code is business casual but you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable during the conference. As the expected temperature in Kanazawa around March 20 is about 5℃, please dress warmly. A cloakroom is available for coats.

Presentation FAQ
Other FAQ
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